Finally, my own exhibition of work!  It might not be in a   real art gallery but it’s in this one and that’ll do me.
The selection goes back to the 70’s when times were hard and I needed to supplement my salary with some pen drawings of local scenes (NE England).  At the time, I was quite concerned about accuracy and detail.  I would work from a photo of my own, pencil it out precisely, pen the outline then work on the detail section by section on evenings and at weekends.
I couldn’t work like that now – too precise and time-consuming.  I didn’t use colour in those days either.  I use colour all the time now.
I get interested in themes and work through those for a period of time.  The stone reliefs on Angkor Wot were an inspiration, as were the horse sculptures from ancient civilisations.  Another starting point was a group of old family photos taken with box brownie or instamatic cameras in the 50’s and 60’s.  Telegraph poles have a stark graphic impact against is blue sky.    The railway posters of the early 20th century are incredible in their use of colour and it’s a great style to try to emulate, say, in gouache.  A visit to an art gallery can be a starting point for a new theme.  And of course, books have a place here as well.  I’ve always written and told children’s stories (never published) as well as illustrated them, so scenes from some of them are included here.  And now I’m becoming interested in making models of carousel horses because of the freedom of colour and design they give.
There’s always a new interest, a new project to get wrapped up in, but here is a selection of what has inspired me over the years.
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