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My preferred medium for painting is watercolour, including gouache.  I love the alchemy of paint and water on paper and the effect is often unpredictable and surprising.  I also use pencils, pens (including coloured) felt tips, and enjoy mixing media in some of my work.
My artwork is ruled by fear; fear of white – the white page.  The page, the paper, is so pristine, so perfect, so…white, that I’m convinced any mark I put on it will be rubbish.
The solution, I have learned, is to just kill the white.  Add a wash without due care and attention and turn it into something that needs rescuing.  That means the rest of what you do on the paper can only be good – an attempt to make good a bad job.  That’s my philosophy in a nutshell.
I don’t think I have a set style and certainly can’t stick with a set theme for any length of time.  My attention moves on to something else fairly quickly so there’s a wide variety of approaches and a wide range of themes.

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