tony henderson self portrait
Self portrait
I’ve had a career in primary education, teaching, so I’m not a trained artist, though I did do a foundation course at Sunderland college of art (1968-9).
At the end of it, I was accepted to Liverpool College of Art and Design but confidence deserted me and I turned it down in favour of teacher training at Neville’s Cross College, Durham, studying Art, French and Education.
durham cathedral
Durham Cathedral
Nonetheless, Art has been a part of my life from childhood to now, once as a little earner when we had a young family, and later as an antidote to the pressures of the job.  At last some of it is getting the limelight.  Whether it’s worth the limelight is another matter but I’m sure I’ll find out!
thank you card
Thank You
If you like what you see and would like more details, or would even like to commission a piece yourself, please contact me using the form below.

crazy student ideas

A whole new concept,  following on from the mildly successful Cubism.  Needless to say, despite my effort to establish a new art movement,  this flash of inspiration was born and died in 1972! Enough said.  Anyone want to ressurrect it?

airfield at Sunderland - surely not!

dusk flight
dusk flight
Sunderland has a Nissan car factory which covers a huge expanse of land but, up until 1984, it was an airport.  it had originally been a wartime airfield which re-opened in 1963 as a flying club.  My dad was among the first members and, throughout the sixties, my brother and I went there with him every weekend in the hope of getting the odd flight.
sunderland flying club aircraft
sunderland flying club aircraft
We got to know the aircraft which were based there and the characters who flew them.  This picture is a record of and a homage to those aircraft which were so strongly associated with the club in those early days.  It also includes moments such as the visit to the airfield of the Goodyear airship, the arrival of a Vulcan and a Valetta for the museum, and the dramatic force landing of an RAF Buccaneer after a bird strike broke the canopy and rendered the navigator unconscious.  I started this record in 1984 and haven't quite finished it yet!  So much else to do.

class teacher

I spent the first 16 years of my career teaching at a primary school in Sunderland, where most of the children were wonderful, but more than a few were "challenging!"  One had to maintain a sense of humour when the going got tough and drawing a caricature of those little darlings helped to keep things in perspective.
life in the classroom
life in the classroom

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